If You Wanted It Tight ...

You know the rest, or you shouldn’t be here. Looks like the Crotch may rise again. Lil history, the band started in July of 1998 on a whim. Alison was a party sitting between Liz and Hannah (SMRC’s first singer) and asked if they wanted to be in a band. Alison had been playing guitar for a whopping week or so and felt ready to take the next step … Crazy bitches agreed and the rest is history. Liz’s husband at the time, Tim, was a bass player so she took on that role (I know, she learned from a man, Kathleen Hannah would just die). Dave Banaka was then recruited as the drummer. He was really good which totally covered the rest of the bands complete ineptitude. Hannah had sung for her church choir some years back so she did come with some experience.

The band, knowing they weren’t going to immediately win over the crowd with their mad musical skills decided to go the route of “gimmick”, if you will. Everyone dressed in Catholic girls’ school skirts and the sets were filled with such ditties as “Smell My Finger” and “I Don’t Love ‘Em (I just fuck ‘em). The crowd took notice, and in time the musicianship improved.

Hannah ran off and got married around the same time Dave left the band. Jessie replaced Hannah and Amy replaced Dave on drums. This was short lived however, and eventually rather than replacing a singer the band opted to replace the bass player and put Liz up front. Holy shit. Who knew that a beast would be unleashed? There’s great video somewhere of Liz’s first time fronting the band and her attempts to hide behind the mic stand. The stand was literally wrenched from her hands leaving her vulnerable. You can almost see “fuck it” in her expression and she just let loose. She’s been called the female Henry Rollins and has left more than one man in near tears, standing in a puddle of his own piss. It’s a good thing.

So, with bass open, the band took on a young Brent. The band quickly renamed him Tammy and put him in a skirt. There are also unconfirmed rumors of hazing rituals that can’t be discussed … And so the band went merrily along. Until Tammy found other endeavors and moved on. Jon, quickly renamed “Fargo” after attempting to grow a beard, came in on bass. He had the tiniest hands that were fast as all fuck. Seriously, the cutest bass player ever.

After a while Amy left as well and was replaced by yet another Jon. The band played for years with this configuration finally giving up the ghost after close to 8 years. Not a bad run for a gimmick band. Oh shit, and Woodsy was in there too on second guitar sometime during the Fargo days. And Aaron was on bass for a bit too, can’t place when, and Mick too, for a show or two. Man, too many bass players! And Chas was on drums for a bit. Timmy even filled in on bass for a show or two.

Which brings us to now. The band has had a few “reunion” shows. Always with the lineup of Liz, Alison, Amy and Tammy. The last reunion was in 2008 and the next scheduled for October 2013. And after that reunion we just kept going …


Amy | Alison | Liz | Tammy – Is that an old picture? You bet your ass it is.


It's Happening

If we’re playing this is where you’d find it.




Friday, September 25, 2015, The Adicts – The Riot Room – 4048 Broadway Blvd – tickets




Saturday, October 3, 2015, Iron Guts Kelly & Circle of Trust – Harlings Upstairs – 3941-A Main Street








- PAST -

summerkampFriday, August 14, 2015, Summer Kamp Fest II – MiniBar - 3810 Broadway Blvd – set time 12:15 AM



August 29, 2014 - The Record Bar - Greaserama XIIII Pre-Party with Ultraman


September 5, 2014 - Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club - DRI, American Dischord


We've Played With More Than Just Ourselves

Here are bands we’ve played with. We can’t remember a lot so if you remember more tell us, we’ll add it. Also stuffs recorded and comps compiled.

The Adicts
Agnostic Front
Assault & Battery
The Authority
The Bad Ideas
The Beltones
The Big Iron
The Boils
The Booked
The Brassknuckle Boys
Bruiser Queen
The Business
The Butchers
Concrete Elite
Cretin 66
Dead Empty
The Deal
The Distillers
Drugs & Attics
The Epoxies
The Explosion
Federation of Horsepower
Fiscal Spliff
Forced Reality
The Forgotten
The GC5
A Global Threat
Go Generation
The Hudson Falcons
The Itch
Kelly’s Heroes
The Krays
Le Tigre (giggle)
Lower Class Brats
The Main Street Saints
Midnight Creeps
Nature Boys
The New Riddim
No Holds Barred
NY Rel-x
One Man Army
Onward Crispin Glover
Pistol Grip
Red Kate
The Role Models
Runnin’ Riot
Saturn 126
The Skags
The Spits
Tanka Ray
Terminus City
The Throttlers
UK Subs
The Uncouth
Wick and the Tricks
Witch Jail
The Wretched Ones
Youthful Offenders

If you don’t see a band you know we played with listed here please let us know! We aren’t omitting anyone on purpose, we’re just old and forgetful.

pussypunkPut Some Pussy In Your Punk Vol. 2 – compilation
On The Rag


businessA Tribute To The Business – Hardcore Hooligan / compilation
DSS Records


wreckedWrecked – split 7″ with The RoleModels
Hooligan Empire Records


fuckloadFuckload O’ Pretty
MooCow Records
Pink Vinyl


Skirts-n-Skins-coverSkirts n’ Skins – split 7″ with Terminus City
Hooligan Empire Records
Blue Vinyl


aurAmerican Upstarts, Vol. 1 – 7″ with Brass Tacks, Kosher, and Terminus City – included with American Upstart Magazine
American Upstart Records


hellhathHell Hath No Fury
American Upstart Records
Recorded Live at Davey’s Uptown, October 17, 1998
Red Vinyl

tcsmrc chicksrock elt parlay bbb buzzard


A Tribute To The Business - Hardcore Hooligan

Loud, Proud and Punk


Big Bad Motor Bitch


Faster Pussycat (Varla's Theme)

Unpublished version






Fuckload O' Pretty

Senseless Crime

Fuckload O' Pretty


Fuckload O' Pretty

Little Slut

Fuckload O' Pretty

I Don't Love 'Em

Fuckload O' Pretty


Fuckload O' Pretty

Fuck You And Your Neighborhood

Fuckload O' Pretty

Dies Irae

Fuckload O' Pretty

Club A Club Kid

Fuckload O' Pretty

Ain't Fucking You

Fuckload O' Pretty



Turning on Me


These Are The Days




Mr Right


Knock It Down

Unpublished version



Mad Max



Unpublished version

Jim Jimmy